Lingerie DD+


DD+ Lingerie

I never really had big breasts and its only in the last few years that they’ve filled out to become a full C. So I cant say I’m in a position to give shopping advice regarding lingerie for DD+ women.

However, I grew up with girlfriends who had large breasts from a young age and have seen the issues they face when it comes to lingerie. One of them is my good friend Clara*.

Clara, who wears an E cup is a lingerie addict just like me, but often we cannot shop at the same stores because of the difference in our breast sizes. She is well versed in lingerie brands for those who are a DD+ and knows how to dress around such assets. So I’m going to pass you over to Clara for this one!

My friend Clara
Early high school I didn’t actually have the biggest assets out of my friends. It was only once I hit about 16/17 that they seemingly popped up overnight! So it is only in the past few years, as I’ve come to be more comfortable with my body, that I’ve really gotten into proper lingerie and the right size!

My mother always told me that it is better to spend money on good underwear and skin care even if you’re broke for the next few weeks! Now, I’m not sure she was talking about flouncy lingerie, but the premise of that has always stuck with me. There is nothing worse than ill fitting underwear, especially when you have big breasts, bad underwear can make you look bigger in all the wrong ways.

Get fitted properly
I cant stress this point enough! For years I was wearing the wrong bra size and it made me look much bigger than I actually am! Once I went to a speciality bra shop and was fitted properly it instantly shrank my frame to one much more proportionate to my body! There are speciality underwear stores to fit girls with bigger busts and I would urge all those with bigger breasts to get a few standard high quality basics from one of theses stores.

Bust vs Band
Quite often girls with a bigger bust think that means their band size will also be large. Because of this they can end up wearing the wrong size bra which does nothing for you! so I will stress again get fitted properly!

Brand sizing is not universal
I cant tell you how often girls say to me that they are one size in all brands. As a rule, use your usual size as your starting point don’t be shocked if you need to go up or down a band or cup size! depending on the fit of the bra, I can be an 8E, 10DD or even a 14C. Not because of my body fluctuating, but because bras are not a standard thing. Think of them as any kind of fashion garment, depending on the brand and the cut your size may change.

Strapless bras
This is probably the most hated type of bra for anyone with a DD+ bust. There are ways around it though: long lined bustiers are a great one. They support the breast from lower down and the long line prevents the bra from slipping. Another option is getting a slightly bigger cup with as small a band as you can fit comfortably into.

Standard stocked sizes
A lot of bras do actually come in bigger sizing, but most stores will usually stock an A up to a D/DD. If you’re shopping in a store specifically for lingerie (as opposed to a department store) always ask the staff if it comes in a bigger size range as most are more than happy to order your size in for you!

Sports bras
‘strap them down, don’t push them up!’ When it comes to taking care of your breasts, people seem to discount how important good sports bras are! It is even more important to have proper support during exercise as, and especially if you have a bigger bust, gravity is against you. Jumping up and down and the bounce that occurs when running can be very bad for your breasts, and if not properly supported they will start to look a little sad. Berlei have done great research in reducing bounce so are my go to, but I always put on another crop top style sports bra for added support, or wear a sports top with in-built support. If it feels a little tight, then its doing its job!

Clara's top three go to brands for DD+ Lingerie:

1. Marie Jo
I’ve gotten very into this brand in the past few months! They do a beautiful but simple standard collection and then do seasonal pieces which are stunning!

2. Empriente
Lingerie designed specifically for bigger busts! Their bras are very comfortable and they have beautiful seasonal collections!

3. Anita Rosa Faia
I use these bras for their moulded cups as they give very smooth lines