Get Wilde With Designer Latex Lingerie

Lace Blouse & Powder Blue Pussy Bow -

Lace Blouse & Powder Blue Pussy Bow -

If you're curious about latex and want to know a little more about how to incorporate it into your wardrobe then you have come to the right place.

I wanted to know a little more too, so I asked the experts at William Wilde, who have been designing and producing latex lingerie and fashion in their London and Manchester studios since 2010. 

What I love about William Wilde is their range, which includes womens wear, lingerie, accessories and mens latex. They have a latex look for every occasion and an array of colours, patterns, cuts and styles. Designs can also be customised to your specifications and custom colours are available. 

William Wilde answer my questions below about choosing your latex pieces. 

TLB: You have a great range of latex. Which William Wilde designs do you recommend for someone trying out latex fashion for the first time?
WW: We often find that skirts are popular for first time buyers, especially our pencil skirts as they are very flattering on a variety of body shapes; and can also be paired with a variety of tops, giving lots of options for our varied customers styles.

TLB: What are your most popular latex pieces?
WW: We sell a lot of dresses from our Basically Wilde range, we have 9 dresses in this collection that are very competitively priced and can be bought in a choice of 10 colours, our customers can also customise the length at no extra cost, so we think these factors make the dresses very popular, especially our Express and Deeper dresses.

TLB: What size range do you go up to?
WW: Size XL is currently our largest size

TLB: What types of latex designs would you recommend for curvy girls?
WW: Latex clothing looks great on a curvy figure as it hugs the body and ‘moulds’ it. There are no items that we would not recommend for curvy girls, everything looks great worn with confidence and a smile; and we aim to make our customers feel fabulous!

TLB: How long does it take to order a custom latex piece?
WW: We advise 7 working days for production until despatch. This will only need to be extended in rare circumstances for particularly complex orders and/or at extremely busy times. We always aim to despatch as quickly as possible and it is often within a couple of days.

Now you know a little more about choosing the right style, dive a little deeper and learn how to wear and care for latex in my article Latex Lingerie: What is it and how to wear it.   

Deeper dress in black and baby pink and Express dress in black


Latex Bow Belt - This is my favourite accessory because I can see it working with so many pieces in my wardrobe, as underwear and outerwear. What a statement piece! 

Latex Primrose Party Dress – Maybe I am a sucker for pastel pink and ruffles, but this latex dress has all the the makings of a good girl gone bad and I love it! 

Latex Vogue Lingerie Set - I can never go past a classic black three piece set. This look would be a staple in any lingerie and latex lovers wardrobe. 

xo Amber Von Blonde