Latex lingerie: what is it and how to wear it

Lara Latex Harness Dress from  Pandora Delux

Lara Latex Harness Dress from Pandora Delux

Latex is a unique and somewhat mysterious dressing experience. It has recently made it's way into the fashion world as brands create unique and innovative designs and celebrities promote latex style in music videos and on the runway. With so many exciting designs available, from one off hand made Etsy pieces to designer lingerie inspired designs, I thought it would be time to take a look at how to wear latex..well more to the point, how to get into it, because it is a dressing experience like no other. 

So what is Latex? Latex is a thin rubber material that is used to create body contour garments that have their origins in fetish subculture, which has slowly made it's way into mainstream fashion. The latex rubber can be manipulated in two ways to create a finished garment. The first method uses latex sheets that are cut and manipulated into shape, the seams are then glued together. The second method is mould formed; a mould is dipped into a vat of latex rubber and a seamless garment is formed around the mould. The unique properties of latex and the construction methods allow the latex to contour to the shape of body, creating a sleek and seamless look.    

Valentina Lace Latex Brief from  Pandora Delux

Valentina Lace Latex Brief from Pandora Delux

Starting off with your first latex item it can be a good idea to choose something small to get used to wearing it. Something such as a pair of gloves or knickers to get you comfortable can be a great way to find out how it feels and make sure you enjoy wearing it before you move up to a full latex look.  

Getting into latex
There are a few steps involved with getting latex on and off which are completely unique given that latex is a tight material that can stick to your skin. Below is a step by step process for getting in and out of latex. 

Step 1: Use Lube or Talc to prep your skin for getting into latex
You heard will be lubing yourself up to make yourself nice and slippery so the latex can glide over your skin. Use a silicone based lubricant, place it in your hand and then cover your skin where the latex will be applied. You then need to lube up the inside of the garment, take the lubricant and rub all around the inside of the garment so it is nice and slippery. Alternatively you can follow the same process using talc. It's good to explore and find out which option works best for you. 

Step 2: Dressing
Putting latex on can be a long process, however it is enjoyable to feel the sensations of the tight latex and the slip of the lubricant. Work stockings from the toes up, gloves from the fingers and up the arms. Latex is a thin rubber, so be careful not to pull forcefully on the material. 

Step 3: Shine it up
During the process of lubing up your garment and the work it takes to get it on the latex can lose it's shine. To bring out it super glossy shine you will need to use a latex shine spray or a silicone spray applied to the latex. 

Step 4: Getting out
To get out of latex you will need to create a layer of air or water between the skin and the latex. This should allow the latex to slide off. If you have built up a sweat in your latex it should slide off and if it needs a bit of encouragement then slide your hands inside the latex to create a layer of air and slip the latex off, taking care not to roll the latex as it could become tight like a rubber band. If the latex is still difficult to get off you can hop into the shower and the water will help loosen the latex. 

Step 5: Latex care
Latex has a specific set of care instructions to maintain the quality. Simply hand wash your garments with small amount of mild dishwashing detergent. Once the garment is throughly washed hand it to drip dry on a plastic or wooden hanger. It is important not to use a metal hanger or expose the garment to direct sunlight as the latex can discolour. Once the garment is dry sprinkle with talc to prevent the latex from sticking together and hang in a dark place in a garment bag, preferably made of black polythene.


Elissa Poppy
Elissa Poppy is the fairytale version of latex. Feminine and delicate latex lace detailing with bondage style strapping add to the latex experience. 

Pandora Deluxe
For something a little edgier and playful, Pandora Deluxe is a good place to shop.

William Wilde
The mecca of latex, William Wilde is the cherry on top of your latex Sunday!

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Emily Dress  Pandora Delux  

Emily Dress Pandora Delux 

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