A Life Lesson From A Bodysuit

i.d. Sarrieri_mureroyale_front_preview_2.jpeg

When I was younger, I was always certain I knew what I wanted, whether or not I would like something and no one could tell me otherwise. Bodysuits were something I associated with the older woman, I thought they were daggy and would look unflattering on. So you can imagine my surprise, when I grew up and finally tried one on and fell madly in love!

It still amazes me today how stubborn I was as a teenager and how much we can miss out on when we don’t keep an open mind. Its easy to close ourselves off to the possibility of something we feel we won’t like but the truth is you never know until you try it. I love that lingerie has provided these little life lessons for me along my path to womanhood. And the bodysuit is such a phenomenal representation of all that it means to be a woman.

As a piece of lingerie that needs no accessories and can make a bold statement, I feel very independent and strong when wearing a gorgeous bodysuit. I feel sexy and free of the hassle of bits and pieces that lingerie sets can have. I simply slip it on and feel like I can take on anything. Perhaps its the freedom of having a piece that is easy and practical in a sense. Similar to when we were younger and wore one piece bathers…no fuss needed. You put it on and jumped straight in the pool. But as we grow older we get bikinis with little bows that need to be tied and hooks that need to go here and there, we watch where our straps are as we tan and so on. I think the bodysuit gives you that freedom. We are all different and of course different situations call for different lingerie, but I believe if you haven’t yet tried on a bodysuit, you are most likely missing out.

As I incorporate lingerie more and more into my everyday wear, bodysuits are such an essential for me. They are so great to have on hand for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they can be sexy as hell and secondly they can be practical. I sometimes wear a bodysuit with pants or a skirt when I want a top that wont get untucked or require much adjusting. You can also wear basic bodysuits underneath a work shirt in winter to keep you warm. As there is such a vast majority of styles these days, bodysuits can really fill your needs for just about anything, a top, underwear or a sexy ensemble for that someone special. To think that I would have missed out on all the fun of bodysuits if I had stayed that stubborn teenager. Everyday I try to remind myself to keep an open mind and when I forget, slipping on my bodysuits from time to time I’m reminded of the little life lesson it gave me and open my mind once again.


1. Black Mesh Bodysuit with Opaque Jersey Layers by Flash you and Me
Black basics are always on the top of my list and this one is great because of the strategically placed opaque jersey panels, so you can comfortably wear it as underwear or outerwear.

2. La Naissance D’Aphrodite Padded Bodysuit by I.D. Sarrieri
If you want a bodysuit that makes a beautiful bold statement, this piece by I.D. Sarrieri is just beautiful. Stylish and sexy, this bodysuit matched with a black skirt would make an outfit for a very elegant affair.

3. Cotton Spandex Jersey Basic Bodysuit by American Apparel
For something more basic and functional as underwear to keep you warm beneath a another top, try American Apparel, I like this body suit as it is simple, inexpensive and comes in a variety of colours. Never discount the functionality of lingerie, just because it’s simple does not mean it is not useful!