Pasties Fantasties - Liberated and a little bit x-rated

As a full grown adult there are a few things that my inner child cant stop getting excited about, and one of those things is stickers. I don't mean to brag, but I had a pretty impressive sticker collection. My favourites were any that involved glitter or the scratch and sniff (lets save those for another time!)...

What I'm talking about today are the sexy stickers for your nipples, pasties, because why shouldn't the human body be used as a sexy sticker book?! 

The history of the pastie goes back to the 1920's burlesque scene. The main purpose of the pastie was to cover the nipple so that you were 'technically' not naked and therefore avoided any local prosecution under public indecency laws (does this sound a little #familiar to our modern Instagram woes with the nipple?)

It was common for burlesque clubs to be regularly raided resulting in dancers being arrested if they showed too much skin. This was one way they got around it and not to mention a bit of an "F-you" to the man.

Some performers began to embrace the pastie even adding tassels and twirling them as part of their performance and some bad ass performers even added fire to their tassels!

At the end of the day we love our skin and we want to decorate it, we want you to have fun and embrace your good (or bad) self feeling liberated and a little bit x-rated. 

xo Amber Von Blonde