Opshop lingerie - why it should be on your lingerie shopping list

I love trawling vintage stores and local op shops for unique treasures that remind me of a bygone era of lingerie and I have been lucky enough to find a few treasures. 

I found this beautiful white basque (below) in an opshop in New Zealand. An absolute treasure for $2.50! I imagine that the woman who owned it brought it back in the 90s and it was probably part of a matching set, perhaps for a wedding or special event!

2016-10-10 14.56.34.jpg

Lingerie can be an expensive hobby. So the opshop should definitely be on your regular lingerie shopping list.

It's a place to find little gems from another era and a great way to create an unique and original look, especially if you are going for the underwear as outerwear look. You can build and layer mesh tops with a vintage bralette and a modern belt or harness.

I don't tend to purchase op-shop underwear, as this seems a bit unhygienic to me, but who knows what beautiful vintage robes, corsets, sips or camis are waiting for you.

Once you have your lingerie in hand, be sure to hand wash with a mild detergent and make sure it is clean and fresh before wearing. I love Purity Sensitive for my hand washing as it's nice and gently on clothing and doesn't have and overwhelming fragrance. 

xo Amber Von Blonde