Underwear as Outerwear - a style guide

Are you a lover of super sexy, glamorous and devious lingerie and you're daring enough to show off your best lingerie looks by day? 

I've compiled my top 5 tips from high fashion to the high street to show you how to create your own luxury lingerie look. 

Style tip 1: Lace layers
To create a super chic runway look you want the best lace you can find, and many layers of it. Combine with mesh and horizontal or vertical blocks of strapping and keep it soft and flowing. You don't have to show a lot of skin, just enough to be intriguing. 

Underwear as outerwear - Lace layers

Style tip 2: Add a touch of mystery
The devil is in the details. Add a bit of unexpected black lace, red nails or deadly red lippy. 

A touch of mystery

3. Cinch in at the waist
Drawing in the waist is a key way to get the lingerie look. Create a classic hourglass figure by drawing in your waist at your naturally narrowest point. 

Waist training

Style tip 4: Killer heels and a lace kimono
Knock them down with a pair of killer heels. Kitten heels are my favourite, because they create a long thin line up to the ankle to elongate the legs. Adding a long kimono to your look or a long draped skirt adds a point of interest, creating eye catching movement as you walk. 

Lace Kimono

5. Show skin strategically
Lingerie as outerwear is just as much about what you don't show, as much as it is about what you do. It is all about how you create a sense of romance combining soft and hard lines with flourishes such as lace, feathers or mesh and mixing that with the harness of a leather or gold hardware. High waisted styles work well, along with soft neck lines, or high neck embellishment. 

Soft floating layers - revealing a little and a lot at the same time. 

Soft floating layers - revealing a little and a lot at the same time.