The Harness... A bondage inspired, luxury fashion accessory

The Harness, for those not acquainted, is a bondage inspired accessory that has been making its way into mainstream fashion for some time now. Traditionally used as a form of restraint, the fashion harness is reminiscent of this function, but is worn more for show than for play. 

In this post I wanted to talk about how I would use the harness for layering to create depth in an outfit to add an element of fetish to your look. The trick with this is to find any complimenting or contrasting lines of your outfit, and use the harness to create a frame for these lines.

You're not really limited to what you layer the harness over. It could go over a floral dress, just as easily it could over an all black outfit. 

Bongage inspired harness with Black Mesh Crop top

Above is a choker harness worn over Amber and Indigo Black Mamaba Crop Top, Aura Lace Cupless Bra and Temptation pasties.

The design lines of the cupless bra contrast with the single vertical strap of the harness, drawing the eye from the neck to the waist. 

Bondage inspired harness

The look above is our new bondage inspired harness over a plain white dress. The mesh insert in the front panel is the perfect line to compliment the harness.

This harness fully adjustable at the front so I can move it up and down to suit the waist position and body size. 

Bondage Lingerie

This look above uses the harness as a lingerie accessory. Viper Harness is worn with a body chain and knickers.

I love to mix up jewellery and lingerie. I feel that it adds a lot of depth to the look and can be used to give the look an outwear feel, if you're feeling daring. 

xo Amber Von Blonde