Top Ten items to spice up your love life (that you won't feel awkward having delivered to work)

Are you sitting at your desk and feeling a bit saucy, wondering how to spice things up in the bedroom? Here is my list of discrete bedroom accessories that you won’t feel guilty (or creepy) searching online at work or having delivered to the office:  

  1. Paper eyelashes - these are my new favourite accessories for transforming your look, they are so interesting that you will actually want to show them to all the ladies in the office.
  2. Wig/hair extensions - A classic way to change the look, you can become whoever you want with a change of colour, or clip in a sexy extension. There are so many options out there these days, you will be spoilt for choice.
  3. Chocolate sauce and whipped cream - but not purchased together, that would be obvious! 
  4. Erotic novels - For something a bit unique head to where you can input your name, your lovers name and a few descriptive details, to create a personalised erotic novel. Whilst you are there why not order a book for little suzy to enjoy, as this company also personalise classic children's novels, such as Alice in wonderland, go figure.
  5. Cable ties and rope - Head to the hardware store and pick up some cable ties and rope for your binding pleasure - remember the safe word when using cable ties, they can be sharp.
  6. A new pair of heels - No woman needs an excuse for a new pair of heels, so this will not be suspicious. Choose something that is higher than you usually wear, you are not going to be wearing them for long anyway. A kitten heel with a platform sole is the best for creating that super sexy strut.
  7. A bottle of champagne and some strawberries - When was the last time you and your partner shared a really nice bottle of wine and got a bit tipsy together - classic intimacy at its best.
  8. Massage oil and candles - The traditional way to woo a lover, massage can never not be sexual for a man, whether he’s massaging you or you are massaging him.
  9. A dedicated sex towel (no I'm not kidding!) - get yourself a beautiful soft towel that will make cleanup easy, so you can focus on doing the the things that you really enjoy.
  10. Roll of wide ribbon - this can be used in many ways, as a blindfold on your lover, tie yourself up like a present for him to unwrap.