Where to buy Hosiery

Stockings, stay-ups, pantyhose, fashion tights, you name it I've probably tried to find it! Once I set my mind on a certain look, I wont stop until I find it and often I struggle the most with hosiery! As I continue to search for particular stockings, fishnets, stay-ups etc, I find its oddly difficult and each brand seems to specialise in certain areas. Hopefully this list will help you find what you're looking for.

Wolford Nola Square Spot Tights

 Agent Provocateur
Price range: agentprovocateur.com

With a new selection of colours each season you can’t go wrong at Agent Provocateur. Though a little pricer than most hosiery, if you are after something à la mode this is definitely the place to shop!

Website: ambra.net.au
Price range: $$

Ambra does a wide range of classic hosiery, they cover footless tights, fashion tights and stay-ups. Their fashion wear collection usually has some more daring patterns if you're looking to make a statement.

Price range: $$$$

If you like traditional hosiery this Parisian brand will be something you love. Offering a variety in hosiery from silk, seamed, full fashioned and so on. They do a wonderful variety of colours and styles too!

Collette Dinnigan
Price range: $$$

Although this is not Collette Dinnigan’s specialty, do not overlook designer brand hosiery. I have found some fantastic stay-ups in her collection and they are surprisingly durable.

Website: columbine.co.nz
Price range: $$

This lovely brand from New Zealand stick to the basics when it comes to hosiery but they certainly get it right. If you are after your classic hosiery this is a great place to start. It is also one of the very rare places I’ve been able to find completely nude stockings!

Website: falke.com
Price range: $$$$

This brand knows hosiery! Falke have an excellent quality and really try to push the boundaries. They're great for stocking up on durable classic pantyhose however, as they are a little more than your usual pair, I find them more fun for fashion tights or that something special!

Price range: $$$$$

Gerbe has been a manufacturer of hosiery for over 100 years! Made in France with beautiful designs and excellent quality these stockings are absolutely worth every penny!

Jonathan Aston
Price range: $$$

This brand has the classic back seam stocking that seems to be getting harder and harder to find. They also do a wide range of back seam pantyhose which I don't come across too often.

Leona Edmiston
Website: leonaedmiston.com
Price range: $$$

Another brand just going about their clothing business who quietly has a wonderful hosiery collection. Lovely detailing in some sets and a fineness in the stocking that I haven’t come across elsewhere. For some reason they're not big on stocking their hosiery in store so Id try your local department store or even other online retailers.

Price range: $$

A staple in any hosiery drawer, Levante covers the classic stay-ups to fashion pantyhose.

What Katie Did
Price range: $$$

Perfect for that vintage look, What Katie Did do a selection of Nylon and back seam hosiery in a selection of vintage looks. This selection includes the black top and back seam with nude stockings, one of my all time favourite colour combinations for stockings!

Wolford (featured)
Website: wolfordshop.com
Price range: $$$$

Wolford is world renowned for their fashion forward thinking when it comes to hosiery. Constantly coming up with new patterns and styles if you're looking for some hosiery that will wow, you should take a look here.

Please note the price system is approximate and may vary. Based on AUD pricing.